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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Temple District Changes in Utah

I wanted to post about other important news about temples in Utah. Two changes have been made to temple districts here. Wording for these district changes has been taken verbatim from "In preparation for the Payson Utah Temple dedication next month when numerous temple workers will be transferred from the Provo Utah Temple, all of the stakes in Orem have been reassigned from the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple District to the Provo Utah Temple District." That update was posted on May 4, and my mom, who works at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, tells me that this change has taken effect already. All Orem residents serving temple workers at the Mount Timp. Temple had to reapply and be reinterviewed and set apart specifically to work at the Provo Temple. Hopefully the dust has settled there. In the meantime, this update was posted on May 19. "Announcements were made on Sunday [May 17] to Layton congregations that the city's 13 stakes would belong to the Bountiful Utah Temple District which now covers 49 stakes. Layton had formerly belonged to the Ogden Utah Temple District, which now covers 63 stakes." I imagine that the temple workers from Layton who were serving in the Ogden Temple also had to reapply and be reinterviewed and set apart specifically to work in the Bountiful Temple. I imagine we will see many more temple district changes in Utah as the Provo City Center Temple nears dedication and then the Cedar City temple is built and dedicated. I will keep an eye on such developments and keep you all informed. In the meantime, since this weekend is a three-day weekend, I will likely post the long-promised personal update either tomorrow night or sometime Monday. Stay tuned for that. Until I post again, all the best!