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Saturday, July 9, 2016

More on how the new Russian law will affect LDS missionaries' ability to proselytize ran a news story about how the new Russian law will impact LDS missionaries' ability to proselytize. To read more, please see this article.

UPDATE: On Friday July 14, the Church News reported more on the change. To read that article, please see this link.

Major temple and scripture news

Hello, all! Just posting today to say I am excited to share some important temple and scriptural news. First the scriptural news. A new triple combination is now available in Fijian. For the details, please see this article. That was good to hear about.

Then, when I went on the LDS Church temples website, I was elated to discover that a general contractor has been selected for the Arequipa Peru temple and that construction of that temple is anticipated to be commenced with a groundbreaking ceremony sometime in October 2016. This is great news!

How blessed we are to live in this era where so much is happening for the Church. Thanks for your readership and friendship.