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Friday, July 15, 2016

I passed the 200 blog post mark/My employment has been terminated

Hello, all! A couple of reasons for this post. First of all, the biggest reason: As of tomorrow @ 10  PM MDT, I will no  longer be employed. We got word earlier this week that Young Living was terminating their contract with ROI (primarily because our agents are too good), and all of us were caught in the windfall. Most of my coworkers have been reassigned to other campaigns. My team leader, John Thomas, will be working on a campaign overseen by my former TL Trent Ginnett; In my case, I was told that "ROI regrettably doesn't have any positions matching your  unique skills and abilities." I could read the writing on the wall. So I will be without work until further notice. It won't be all bad. I will be able to start looking for work on Monday. In the meantime, I can work on getting better and on my writing. I have a couple of easy writing projects in mind for pieces I can send to the Church magazines, and I can work on my book. Both Amy and I have the overwhelming feeling that all things will be all right and will work out the way we need them to.

In other news, I am sleeping better with the CPAP machine, and I see Dr. Weinstein (my neurologist) tomorrow.

I also just realized that I have passed the 200 blog-post mark. Some bloggers have been known to celebrate such milestones. For me, this is a time for reflection, introspection, and prayer. I will keep you all updated on our life events as they happen, though, as has  been my custom, Church-related posts will always trump personal updates.

Thanks to you all for your readership, interest, and prayers. I greatly appreciate each of you.