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Saturday, September 3, 2016

The current area assignments of the apostles

It took me a while to get this information, but I have found data on which apostles are overseeing which areas outside the United States. The information about which apostles are overseeing the areas within the US and Canada could not be found. But I am excited to know this much. Here's the list:

President Russell M. Nelson—supervises the Philippines Area
Elder Dallin H. Oaks--assignment not known. They may be holding him in reserve because he is a senior member of the Twelve and young for being the third most senior apostle. Plus, with President Nelson periodically being absent from overseeing the quorum with his many assignments, the First Presidency may have wanted to have at least one member of the Twelve free from worldwide responsibilities.
Elder M. Russell Ballard—supervises the Europe and Europe East Areas
Elder Robert D. Hales—in view of his health being what it is, he may not be able to travel abroad. It is an unusual situation that needs flexibility.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland—supervises the Brazil, South America North and Middle East/Africa North Areas
Elder David A. Bednar—supervises the South America South Area
Elder Quentin L. Cook—supervises the Asia North and Central America Areas
Elder Neil L. Andersen—supervises the Africa Southeast and Pacific Areas
Elder Ronald A. Rasband—supervises the Africa West Area
Elder Gary E. Stevenson—supervises the Asia Area

Elder Dale G. Renlund—supervises the Caribbean and Mexico Areas

Let me know what you think.

Freiberg Germany Temple scheduled for rededication tomorrow

The Freiberg Germany temple will be dedicated tomorrow. What is unclear is who has been sent to preside at the event. There has not yet been a report of the cultural celebration. There are a couple of possibilities. Either President Uchtdorf has returned to his native Germany to rededicate the temple, or, if he has not been able to in view of the ill health of President Monson and Sister Eyring which may have made it impossible for President Uchtdorf to do it, and since Elder Ballard is a senior member of the Twelve with responsibility for the Europe Areas of the Church, he might have been sent. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for news. Will post tomorrow with a link to the information about the dedication.