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Friday, June 2, 2017

Temple Events Happening This Weekend/New President Called for Tokyo Japan Temple

Hello, all! Two significant temple-related events will take place this weekend. Tomorrow, the open house will start for the Tucuson Arizona Temple. Tours will continue for the next three weeks, excluding Sundays. That temple, as we know, will be dedicated in August. In the meantime, the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple will be rededicated in two days, following the cultural celebration tomorrow night. I have not yet been able to find out who among all of our Church leaders might be in attendance, but there appears to be a good chance that Elder David A. Bednar could be one of them. This article, written earlier this week, focuses on the 20-year anniversary since the Bednars first came to Rexburg to preside at Ricks College, which would, during his tenure, become BYU-Idaho on August 10, 2001. Just over three years later, Elder Bednar would be released from his tenure as university president in view of his call to the apostleship. From what the article said, it sounds like Elder Bednar has been in Idaho for the last several days, which leads me to believe he will play some role in this weekend's events, whether he or another senior apostle presides. More to come once more is known.

In terms of other temple news, a new president for the Tokyo Japan Temple was announced, (as the previous president had died during his active service on April 28. It appears that the First Counselor will be the new President. He will only have about 3.75 months of active service prior to that temple's already-scheduled renovation, so it is more than likely that this new president will serve until that closure, and then for 2-3 years after its rededication sometime during 2020.

That does it for this temple news and events update. Next to come are an update on the travels and ministries of the apostles. I also hope to post a new general update on Church News. And there might be an additional topic or two I will try to cover today as well. Stay tuned. Thanks.