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Thursday, July 6, 2017

600th Blog Post: Church (and Beehive Clothing) announces discontinuance of some

Today, as I celebrate posting my 600th post on this blog, I have been thinking more and more about how far I've come in my blogging efforts. As I began blogging in order to keep my family and friends informed about our personal lives, I gradually shifted my focus to being more about General Conference news and developments (both past a future), apostolic age and tenure milestones (including birthday posts dedicated to our current 15 apostles during at least their birth months, of not the exact days), and especially present and future temple-related developments (including estimated time-frames for future events and many discussions of possible future temple sites).

In doing so I found somewhat of a faithful group of those who check my blog regularly for updates, have requested my friendship  on Facebook (primarily because an easy actual friendship has formed through our interactions on this blog), and who have filled a void that has arisen in my life due to the fact that I am not presently well enough to be out and about and mingling with my neighbors through our Church activity, and because we are now living so comparatively far away from our our many other friends and family members. So thanks to you all who have become regular readers, followers, and supporters in this time of our great need. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Having said that. I now move on to my main reason for posting. I was intrigued to learn earlier today that the Church and Beehive Clothing have announced changes in the availability of certain styyles of temple garments, (which enemies of the Church have sometimes referred to with the tongue-in-cheek expression "magic underwear"). For all the details, click here. Thanks again for your readership, support, and interest, and thanks especially for all the wonderful memories.

Update on Seminar for New Mission Presidents

Hello. With a few additional reports posted earlier today, it seems that the Church News has posted summary articles of all but one address given at the Annnual Seminar for New Mission Presidents (that given jointly by the female auxiliary presidents. Click here for that summary article. How wonderful it was to read and reflect on the inspiration and insights which I, as one who will likely never have any high-profile calling of any kind, gained and received from these inspired words. Hope you all have enjoyed these summary posts. Thanks.

As a PS of sorts to this post, I did want to note that I found out just yesterday from someone who had regularly posted comments on my blog that he was still having issues making any comments. It is obvious I have yet to resolve this issue. I will keep you all posted on that and will hope that I can have it resolved as quickly and correctly as possible. I have greatly missed the feedback.  Thanks again.