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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Revised List of Additional Temple Prospects That Could Potentially Be Announced Next October

Hello again, everyone! There have been several additional Church news stories shared within the last 48 hours which I hope to share with you all. Stay tuned for that  update, because I am posting n again right now for an entirely different reason. Over the last 3-5 hours, I have taken time to revisit the list I have assembled of additional temple prospects that could have an announcement during General Conference in just over two months.

As many of you may recall, on July 10 of this year, I had shared a list of additional temple prospects which I was considering adding to my main list of those locations that could have a temple announced next October. In the 15 days since that post, I have periodically looked into both those locations that were suggested to me, and also some other locations which may, for various reasons, be prime candidates for a temple.

I also looked extensively at the feedback that has come in from you, my readers, in that regard. And based on that, I expanded my list quite a bit (including moving some candidates on the other two lists I have been keeping of less imminently likely locations and also long-shot prospects onto this list.

Based on the additional feedback which may be provided on this altered list, I can then look more deeply into which of these locations should be added to the main list for October, which would include adding the relevant notes about such locations to my predictions for the upcoming General Conference.

The main unknowns about any potential temple prospects are, of course, to what extent the temple-building legacy of President Nelson will expand the number of temples, how frequently we might see temples announced, the number of temples that could be identified each time there are new ones announced, whether President Nelson's plan involves a smaller-scale design that will still be serviceable, and the speed at which the current and potential future backlog of temples announced and under construction can continued to be cleared.

As I noted in other posts, by mid-2020, all temples currently under construction (from Concepcion Chile to Winnipeg Manitoba) will be dedicated. By that time, hopefully at least 12 others might also be under construction,. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens between now and then. I will continue to monitor all such developments and will do my level best to bring those to you as I receive word of them.

The updated list of locations I am currently determining whether or not to add to my main list of those that could potentially be announced in October follows below. Most notably, while previous lists did not include candidates for the next temples in Canada and California, this version includes 2 Canadian and 1 Californian prospect. 

One thing that might potentially affect the current and future temples of the Church in California is whether or not that state ever successfully splits into 2 or more smaller states. I have been reading more lately about a venture capitalist that has tried and failed at least twice to split that state into several smaller ones.

The most recent proposal to do so got enough signatures to appear on the ballot for the November 2018 General Elections, but apparently the Supreme Court of the State of California pulled the measure from the ballot to allow more study on the proposition. So for now, that is essentially a dead initiative, but if California (or other states) wind up splitting, or if the US admits any other states into the Union, the temples in such regions could potentially be renamed, which, insofar as I have been able to ascertain, has never occurred.

That said, the updated version of the list follows below. Please feel free to let me know whether I need to eliminate any of these locations, replace them with more likely prospects, or have overlooked any other feasible options for the near future. Again, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list to cover all possibilities that ever may get a temple. This list focuses only on those prospects which I should specifically add to the other locations for my October 2018 General Conference. Your comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated.

So as not to disturb the flow of that information, I will end here now as I traditionally do. That does it for this post. Thank you for the privilege of your time. If you enjoyed what you read here and would like to stay informed of newly-added content, please feel free to subscribe. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best and pray that the Lord will bless you all in everything you do.

List of additional potential locations that may get a temple in the near future:
Africa Southeast: Kampala Uganda; Maputo Mozambique; Lubumbashi DR Congo; Cape Town South Africa
Africa West: Monrovia Liberia; Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast
Asia: Ulaanbaatar Mongolia; Taichung Taiwan
Asia North: Osaka Japan
Brazil: Rio Grande Brazil; Florianopolis Brazil; Alphaville Brazil (or a second in Sao Paulo)
Europe: Edinburgh Scotland; Vienna Austria
Idaho: Preston Idaho
Mexico: Queretaro Mexico
North America Central: Wichita Kansas; Lethbridge Alberta; Green Bay Wisconsin; Des Moines Iowa
North America Northeast: Augusta Maine; Hamilton Ontario; Morristown/East Brunswick New Jersey; Concord New Hampshire; Montpelier Vermont
North America Southeast: Jacksonville Florida; Knoxville Tennessee
North America West: Bakersfield California
Pacific: Tarawa Kiribati; Pago Pago American Samoa; Savai'i Samoa; Neiafu Vava'u Tonga
Philippines: Davao Philippines
South America Northwest: Maracaibo Venezuela; Iquitos Peru; Cali/Medellin Colombia
South America South: Antofagasta/Valparaiso Chile; Neuquen Argentina