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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Elder Perry's funeral is Friday

The Church has announced that Elder Perry's funeral will be held this Friday @ 11:00 am. It will be carried live on and KBYU's and KSL's subchannels. I imagine we will hear from at least one apostle and perhaps each member of the First Presidency, and either of his two surviving children. I don't know quite what to expect. But one thing I do know. It will be a celebration of life focused on the doctrinal foundation that death is just another step in our progression to eternal life. How grateful I am to know that Elder Perry still lives and that he is now free of health problems and can be about the work on the other side of the veil. Still no word on who might replace him, though I have my own theories on this matter. I have elected not to post any speculation at least until Elder Perry's funeral is over. After that, I make no promises. Still intend to do that much-needed update. Just wanted to post the latest developments.