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Monday, June 22, 2015

Trujillo Peru Temple dedicated/Happy Father's Day!

The Trujillo Peru temple was dedicated yesterday (Sunday) by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He was accompanied by his wife and Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, as well as Elder Michael John U. Teh, who apparently is now serving in some capacity with the Temple Department, and Elders Juan A. Uceda, W. Christopher Waddell and Carlos A. Godoy, who serve as the South America Northwest Area Presidency. It was a very wonderful occasion for all in attendance. This brings the number of temples in operation to 147, with 12 under construction (2 of which will be dedicated by the end of this year, and a third scheduled for dedication next year), 5 being renovated (2 of which will be rededicated this year and one more scheduled to be rededicated next year, with 1 additional temple that will be closed for renovation later this year), 2 others scheduled for groundbreaking, and the remaining 12 with groundbreaking dates yet to be announced (of which all but 4 have sites announced). As I have excitedly mentioned before, this is a season where much is going on with temple construction, and I couldn't be more pleased that I can keep tabs on these important events and relay them to my readers.

Though Father's Day is officially over, I wanted to express my love to all the fathers out there, and especially those mentioned in this post. As I have before mentioned, the older I get, the more I realize that my father is not perfect. But in the same breath, I freely admit that I could not have asked for a better father. My dad has kept himself worthy as a priesthood bearer his whole life, giving me a legacy to follow. He has supported me in all I have done, even when he may initially have had doubts or misgivings about whether I was on the right path. He was my foremost example of how to treat women and honor and use the priesthood worthily. I vividly remember my first experiences as a newly ordained elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood. My dad had asked that I assist him in giving one of the people he home taught a blessing. My dad could have asked any man in the ward to do that, but he selected me. And he praised me afterward for how well I did in anointing the person.

My very next experience was my first time being voice for a blessing. My younger sister Elizabeth was sick, and had asked Dad for a blessing. My dad looked to me to assist him. He asked my sister who she wanted as voice for the blessing, and she mutely shrugged her shoulders. My dad indicated that he wanted me to be the voice. I searched for the guidance of the Spirit as I pronounced words of comfort, counsel, and healing. My sister went to sleep shortly after the close of the blessing. Not being sure how well I had done, I asked my dad what he thought about what I had said. He taught me a lesson that still rings in my ears as if it had been spoken anew today. He simply said, "James, you're a priesthood holder. As long as you speak the words the Spirit guides you to say, you don't need me or anyone else to ratify them." I have never forgotten that lesson. Thanks to my father, now I never second-guess myself while administering to people.

There have been many other father figures in my life. Next to my own dad, the one who has had the greatest impact on me has been my father-in-law. Amy didn't have many memories of her dad giving her blessings, but I have watched him also be a worthy priesthood bearer. It is partly due to his influence that my wife is the amazing person that she is. And I will be forever grateful that Amy's parents listened to the Spirit when it urged them to have just one more child.

There have been men I have home taught with and been a home teacher of and who have home taught me. All of them have blessed me with a respect for the priesthood and instilled in me the desire to use it worthily to bless the lives of others. There have been the many fathers of the various wards I've lived in who have been wonderful mentors to me. There have been lots of outstanding Scout leaders over the years who encouraged me to earn my Eagle. There have been the many fathers I have observed in the Elder's Quorums I have been to. There have been so many good men I worked with in the temple and with Welfare Services. There have been uncles and cousins and nephews and grandparents and fatherly figures in other ways that have kept me on the strait and narrow path. Most especially, I acknowledge and give thanks for and to my Heavenly Father, who loved me enough to send His Son to atone for my sins, carry my sorrows, and bear any and all burdens and trials I would face in this life. I have no better example of fatherhood and brotherhood than my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I gratefully and humbly acknowledge all the fathers in my life who have made such a difference in my life. If I can be even half the man, husband, and father that they have been, I will count myself very lucky. I hope all my readers who are fathers had a very pleasant Father's Day and that you all know how much your influence has shaped my life and how lost I would be without so many wonderful father figures in my life. And so I give thanks for and say thanks to them all as I express my love and best wishes for them. Please keep being the amazing examples that you are. I am better for having known each of you, and if I am any good as a husband or father, it is because of you all. Happy Father's Day!