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Friday, May 13, 2016

Inspirational Article--Three Siblings Serve in the Same Mission

Here's a faith-promoting story for you. It's about how three siblings all served at different times in the same mission. You can find that story here. Thanks.

Panama Papers scandal has nothing to do with the LDS Church

Some Church-related news crossed my radar today, and I felt a need to share it right away. The Panama Papers scandal has erroneously been connected with the LDS Church due to similar-sounding names of Church entities and those entities identified within the Panama Papers. The Church set the record straight by issuing a statement that distances them from the named corporations. For a story that explains this matter better than I can, please see this link. Thanks as always for your readership.

Articles about New General Authorities

The Church News has recently featured biographical articles about some of the newly called General Authorities. Subsequent articles will be written about the Area Seventies and Primary General Presidency. So far, articles have been written about Elder William Mark BassettMark Allyn BraggWiliam Weatherford Touchstone Clayton, brother of Elder Lyndon Whitney Clayton III, who currently serves as Senior President of the Seventy, (the article mentions them being brothers, just as I said they were.) and Valeri Vladimir Cordon. Future articles will, I'm sure, be featured about the remaining 7 General Authority Seventies as well as the new Primary General Presidency. Exciting stuff! Hope you all are enjoying my posts. Have a great weekend!

More Temple Presidents Called

The First Presidency has called more temple presidents. Rather than going over in detail about which presidents have been called where, I include my list of temples that, as of November this year (though obviously temple presidents of temples that are dedicated before November will start serving between 1-3 months earlier. Hope that makes sense.  Here's the list:

Temples getting a new president in 2016:

1.      Nashville Tennessee
2.      Fort Collins Colorado
3.      Star Valley Wyoming
4.      Hartford Connecticut
5.      Philadelphia Pennsylvania
6.      Columbia River Washington
7.      Chicago Illinois
8.      Mexico City Mexico
9.      Hong Kong China
10.  London England
11.  Manhattan New York
12.  Medford Oregon
13.  Dallas Texas
14.  Birmingham Alabama
15.  Seattle Washington
16.  Hamilton New Zealand