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Friday, May 27, 2016

Mutipurpose Church News Post

This will be a multipurpose Church News Post.

First, mission boundaries will be realigned in Idaho. For details of what that will entail, please see this link.

Next, the Church News ran an article about Elder Massimo De Feo, who is the first General Authority Seventy from Italy. You can read that article at the link above.

Finally, more temples have had a new president named. Here's an updated list, Please note that there was one temple that I overlooked in drawing up a list of temples that might get a new president this year.

Temples getting a new president in 2016:
1.      Nashville Tennessee
2.      Fort Collins Colorado
3.      Star Valley Wyoming
4.      Hartford Connecticut
5.      Philadelphia Pennsylvania
6.      Columbia River Washington
7.      Chicago Illinois
8.      Mexico City Mexico
9.      Hong Kong China
10.  London England
11.  Manhattan New York
12.  Medford Oregon
13.  Dallas Texas
14.  Birmingham Alabama
15.  Seattle Washington
16.  Hamilton New Zealand
17.  Cochabamba Bolivia
18.  Gilbert Arizona
19.  Anchorage Alaska
20.  Curitiba Brazil
21.  Kyiv Ukraine
22.  Panama City Panama
23.  Fresno California
24.  Memphis Tennessee
25.  Winter Quarters Nebraska
26.  Lima Peru
27.  Nauvoo Illinois
28.  Portland Oregon
29.  Merida Mexico
30.  Reno Nevada

Temples that may still get a new president this year:
1.      Aba Nigeria
2.      Campinas Brazil
3.      Ciudad Juarez Mexico
4.      Columbus Ohio
5.      Copenhagen Denmark
6.      Detroit Michigan
7.      Frankfurt Germany
8.      Guadalajara Mexico
9.      Halifax Nova Scotia
10.  Johannesburg South Africa
11.  Melbourne Australia
12.  Monterey Mexico
13.  Montreal Quebec
14.  Nukualofa Tonga
15.  Perth Australia
16.  Provo Utah
17.  Quetzaltenango Guatemala
18.  Raleigh North Carolina
19.  Rexburg Idaho
20.  St. George Utah Temple
21.  St. Paul Minnesota
22.  Santiago Chile
23.  Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
24.  Sapporo Japan (will be dedicated on August 21)
25.  Seoul Korea
26.  Spokane Washington
27.  Tampico Mexico
28.  Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico Temple

29.  Twin Falls Idaho