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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Further Progress Made on the Concepcion Chile Temple

Late last night and again this afternoon, in checking the LDS Church Temples website, I was elated to discover that further progress has been made on the Concepcion Chile Temple beyond what I had reported yesterday.

Yesterday, I noted that the steeple framework was being installed. That installation has finished. Additionally, walls have been poured for the guardhouse and they are working on paving the main entrance.

As I noted yesterday, it is wonderful to see such stunning progress happening in temple construction. This will always be special to me not only because of my six-year service as a temple worker, but also because it was at the same temple I worked where I met and later married the woman of my dreams. I had always been fascinated by temple progress before then, but now I glory in each wonderful construction milestone.

I will never forget the statement made by George Q. Cannon (though I had always heard it attributed to Brigham Young) to the effect that every temple built and dedicated lessens the power of Satan on the earth. I

n an era of the dispensation of the fulness of times when we will shortly have 156 temples dedicated, think how much the power of Satan has been lessened since we started building temples. It is staggering to think of.

And I am of the opinion that it is more than likely that we will see 200 temples by the 200th anniversary of the restoration and reestablishment of the Lord's Church here on the earth (which will happen on April 6, 2030). Just think how much that will lessen the power of Satan. And to think of faithful saints worldwide frequently sacrificing everything just for one visit to these sacred places of worship is awesome to think about.

As I have previously mentioned, in my six years serving at one of these temples, in two shifts per week, I calculated I was helping roughly 100 patrons per week in the labor of redeeming the dead. Multiply that by millions of workers working millions of shifts and helping millions of patrons, and the number of the redeemed dead becomes staggering.

I look forward to the day when the Savior will return on the earth. Can you imagine sitting in an April General Conference of the Church presided over by Jesus Christ and hearing a statistical report detailing a Church billions of members strong? It will be wonderful.

Let us work towards such a goal with all our hearts. Let us move forward unceasingly in the labor of redeeming the dead with the knowledge that the work we do is recorded in heaven and will one day be known to all the world. That this may be our goal and our glorious end result is my humble prayer in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.