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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Job Interview Results/Important Events in the Church for September

Well, the long awaited day has arrived. I heard back this week from both Jive! (the company that interviewed me by phone) and, with prompting on my part (I had to inquire by e-mail) from BidSync. For both companies the results were the same. They said they were very impressed with me and my qualifications but that they had decided to go with another candidate. I have a mixture of feelings. I feel disappointment that neither company wanted to take a chance on me. I feel relieved that I don't have to face my fears just yet. I feel concerned that our prayers don't seem to be getting answered, though we have faithfully prayed and acted for almost two years now. I feel confident that soon a solution will present itself. I feel bewildered because I have no idea how things will all come together. I promised Amy that if neither job came through, I would attempt going to the Deseret Industries to see what (if anything) they could do for me. So I guess that's the next step. Even that scares me a little. I wish I wasn't so afraid of new experiences. But having Amy by my side makes each new experience a lot easier.

We took Amy to the doctor recently because she wasn't feeling well. The doctor ran some tests and diagnosed a problem with her thyroid. So he prescribed a thyroid medication that she has been taking first thing in the morning ever since. It seems to be helping, so we are cautiously optimistic.

In the meantime, my headaches continue. I find things to keep me busy every day. I'm sure if I focused more on my writing or got work at the DI that it would help. At least, Amy seems to think so. She's never been wrong yet.

This month is no less significant than last month as far as Church history events are concerned, though they are fewer in number. Only 3 of our 15 apostles have their birthdays in September. Oddly enough, they are on consecutive days. Elder Quentin L. Cook will turn 74 on the 8th, Elder Russell M. Nelson will mark his 90th birthday on the 9th, and President Boyd K. Packer celebrates his 90th birthday on the 10th. This means we will have three nonagenarian apostles serving simultaneously in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time in Church history that this has ever happened.

Of special significance is the sacred event that will take place on Sunday, September 21. On that day the Ogden Temple will be rededicated in three sessions at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm. The temple has experienced a complete transformation and modernization. Amy and I haven't and likely won't have the privilege of going to the open house, but from those I know who have gone to see it, I know that the edifice is beautiful. It will be enough for me to attend the dedication at my Stake Center. The Church has not and probably will not announce in advance who will preside at those proceedings, but I look forward to taking part in them nonetheless.

This month will be a busy month for my family. One of my cousins will be ordained an Elder early Sunday morning. During the Sacrament Meeting that will follow, his sister's baby will be blessed. The next week on Saturday a dear friend of the family is getting baptized up in Oakley. Don't know if we'll be able to make it to that baptism, but if we can, we'll be there. That same night is the adult session for our Stake Conference. Stake Conference's General Session is the following day. The week after that is the glorious temple dedication. It will be wonderful to be part of these events.

I am grateful to live in a day and time when the gospel has been restored in its fulness and when the power of God is manifest in the daily lives of those who live the Gospel. I testify of the blessings that flow from adherence to gospel doctrines, principles, and practices. The Lord knows us and is keenly aware of our needs. He will help us to know how to navigate the storms of life, however heavily they may beat down upon us. And He does so through "small and simple" means. The Church is true, and all is well!