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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Matthew Martinich's Predictions for the Most Likely Temples Soon to be Announced

Since I have Matthew  Martinich's predictions to share his Church Growth Blog posts whenever I feel impressed to do so, I am posting today for a very exciting reason: earlier today, Matt posted his educated guesses as to temples that may be announced this next conference. To find that post, please click on this link. For those that aren't inclined to wade through the post and the discussion that follows, Matt has predicted as many as 10 potential temples: 3 in Brazil (Belem, Belo Horizonte, or Brasilia); two n the Pacific region (Davao Philippines and (if not in Guam) Tarawa Kiribati); a United States territory (Guam, (if not in Kiribati)); two in Africa (Harare Zimbabwe and Lagos Nigeria); and two others in South America (Managua Nicaragua or Pueblo Mexico) and one in the United States (Rogers Arkansas). Only time will tell how accurate that prediction is, but I always enjoy Brother Martinich's thoughts. Enjoy!