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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Multipurpose Church News Post

Hello, all! During the last several days, several items of import on the Church news front have crossed my radar, and I just had to share some of these monumental strides in Church growth. First of all, the majestic figure of the Angel Moroni has been lifted to the top of the Star Valley Wyoming temple. This is a pivotal construction milestone for this temple, which is scheduled to be dedicated on Sunday October 30. So that was excellent to hear. Next news item: the Church Public Affairs department will have a change in its managing director. The current managing director, Michael Otterson, will retire on August 31 after serving as managing director for the past eight years. He will be replaced in that capacity by Richard E. Turley Jr,, who currently serves as the senior of our two Assistant Church Historian and Recorders. In the meantime, Brother Turley will train with Brother Otterson. It was also announced in that same article that Elder Von G. Keetch of the Seventy currently serves as the executive director of the Church Public Affairs Department, which I had suspected after he was present in the news conference in which the 3 newest apostles were presented to the media. That was also good to hear.

The third and final Church growth-related development was that Matthew Martinich has learned through listening to an interview with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles that 10+ new stakes will be created per week the rest of this year, not including the annual July recess of the apostles, general conference weekend, or the last two weeks of December. It is a mind-boggling and interesting post, well worthy of a read. You can find it at this link.

What monumental strides in Church growth! We live in a wonderful day and age when the gospel is, very literally and figuratively, spreading throughout the earth, and all of us are blessed to be a part of that. Thanks to you all for your readership and friendship.