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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Further Travels of the Apostles/Church related news

I wanted to post an update regarding the recent ministry efforts of the apostles. Elder D. Todd Christofferson recently spoke at a Boy Scout luncheon is West Virginia on the subject of the freedom to associate. As part of that speech, he paid tribute to the Scouting legacy of President Thomas S. Monson, for whom a scouting complex is being named. For an overview of what Elder Christofferson said during that speech, please see this article.

Additionally, Elder Ronald A. Rasband was in Ecuador on a trip to bring comfort and greetings from Church headquarters to the Saints in Ecuador, where a powerful earthquake recently struck. He conveyed to the Ecuadoran Saints the love of President Monson and all his brethren of the apostleship, and took his first of many opportunities to bestow an apostolic blessing on them. For an account of what transpired during his trip, please see this article.

In other Church news, the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manit is celebrating its 50th continuous year. This is important news to me personally because my parents, who were set up oriiginally on a blind date, spent their first date at the Manti Pageant.

Also, the newly-implemented Doctrinal Mastery program is already seeing results in the way it has increased the faith and testimony of the seminary students who participate in it.

Sad news today out of Tulsa Oklahoma, where the "ma" of one youth trek pioneer "family" has died. The cause of death is still unknown, but the investigation into what happened is ongoing.

Another death of a Church member was reported. This time, it was a missionary serving in Venezuela, who died of injuries sustained during a taxi accident. The Church has sent out an expression of sympathy to all who knew and loved the missionary, as well as for any and all others affected by this tragedy.

That's the latest on the Church News front. I will keep you posted on the latest news as time and circumstances allow. Thanks for your readership.