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Friday, July 8, 2016

Images from the interior and exterior of the Sapporo Japan temple

The Church has released for all concerned a set of pictures showing what parts of the interior and exterior of the Sapporo Japan temple look like. To read the article that showcases these images, please see this link. Enjoy!

Additional personal update

Hello, dear readers! I wanted to let you know the latest on us. I had my first night with the CPAP machine last night, and got some good rest. I still had a severe headache and nausea, so we took me to the urgent care clinic since I had to go in to get my testosterone injection anyways. While we were waiting for me to be seen, I got a return call from Dr. Weinstein's assistant. I was able to get an appointment to see her a week from today. I hope we can discuss a change in my medications that would help me to feel better. I then got three injections: one each for the nausea, headaches and testosterone. Needless to say, I'm more than a little sore. But the good news is that as I sit here typing, I am feeling better. Thanks to you all for your interest,, readership, and support.

My response to the tragic shooting in Dalas

The public's seemingly unnatural and (in my mind) unjustified mistrust of the police took a horrific turn yesterday when policemen were the targets of a mass shooting in Dallas. I was absolutely numb as I heard about this tragedy. I think of my dad's two brothers, Lynn and Gary Stokes, who have served in law enforcement. That the Dallas police should be so viciously targeted in an angry response to a matter they had no involvement in is beyond comprehension. My heart goes out to all those affected by this tragedy, and I pray for healing for all affected by this senseless incident. I would urge you all to join me in praying for all involved. Thank you.

New law affecting the progress of the Church in Russia

Hello, all. In doing my usual perusal of the Church websites, I discovered that the Newsroom on has shared a statement put out by the Church relating to the furthering of the gospel in Russia. Please see this link for the Church's official statement and this link for an explanation of what the law involves. I for one will be praying that this law doesn't go into effect, because it would make the progression of the gospel in Russia just that much more difficult. Thanks for your readership and friendship.