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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Temple Infographic Updated

In light of the recently announced dedications of the final three temples that have been under construction for the last little while in the United States (if that fact alone is not a major indicator of the current international expansion of the gospel, I have no idea what is), the Church today released the latest updates to their temple infographic. I have compared this newest version to some of the previous ones, and it seems that the infographic has recorded some degree of progress in the construction of every temple. That being said, the updates are not as current or nearly as specific as those done on the LDS Church Temples website. Even so, it is a most impressive update. Click here to view that. So inspiring!

One other note. I receive feedback periodically from people who read my posts but may not want to make these insights public. Because of those insights, and without going into detail that I do not have or cannot be properly verified, it appears that the factors determining what makes a temple renovation necessary are more extensive than I originally believed. And the nature of those factors and the thoughts that have been shared, such as they are, have led me to conclude that renovations make more sense at times than building another temple within the same area. I imagine that if there is a good reason for renovation, and if it might be more feasible, reasonable, or more cost effective to expand or change existing temples to fit increased demand and local need, that might be done instead of perhaps announcing other temples elsewhere in such locales. It seems that the issue of determining these things is more involved than I originally thought.

One thing is clear, though: There are some older temples (the one in Salt Lake springs to mind) that will never be renovated at all, regardless of how much "sense" there might be in doing so. There are many older temples that others may feel should be renovated that might not be for a while.

There are also some older temples that are architectural icons, which means that remodeling them would detract from the beauty of the area and alter the feel of it. I honestly don't see the Provo temple being overhauled anytime soon. There is enough respect for the original design there that it is another that likely won't be touched. The renovation in Ogden, which had been the sister temple to Provo, made sense because the surrounding neighborhood had grown out of the old design. So an overhaul there became necessary. The area in which the Provo Temple has been built still seems to very much be architecturally true to that original design.

And it could be that for growing cities like those in the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys, an expansion of the temple might make more sense and be more feasible than the idea of building others in neighboring cities. It would be hard to witness, but I could see my own temple, the Mount Timpanogos Temple, falling into that category. Some who have commented to me have said they could see in Utah county temples announced for Lehi or the Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain area. If the American Fork temple was overhauled instead of having other temples built, I could see something like that working.

Since my knowledge of the activity levels in temples is only based on what I have observed in my neck of the woods, I have chosen to use the examples above as indicators of what could possibly happen. That said, I want to be absolutely clear. While I do know for a fact that the Salt Lake temple will never be renovated (that is a prime example of the all too prevalent Mormon myths that have floated around for years), and while I have very good reasons to believe that renovations will likely not happen in either Provo or American Fork, I did use those examples, with which I was familiar, to try and demonstrate how such decisions might be considered on a worldwide scale. Hope that makes sense to everyone.

That said, comments and feedback of any kind continue to be most welcome and always appreciated. If you have particular ideas about temples that might be renovated, or any insights regarding the ongoing developments in temple construction progress, I would appreciate hearing about them. I don't have nearly as much insight into such things as others might. I am reliant mainly on such feedback to fine-tune my thoughts and expressed opinions.

In regards to any comments, I do want you to know that I fully intend to respect the privacy by which those who might have offered more specific feedback have chosen to do so via e-mail rather than formal comments. That feedback, from a wide variety of individuals, has  said volumes to me about how widely read this blog has become. And that is a full credit to those who comment in public and in private. Because I honor requests for confidentially, I cannot and will not betray the trust that has been placed in me. For that reason, and because nothing is definite until a future official announcement happens, I cannot comment above and beyond what I have said here in regards to whether or not a specific temple might be more or less likely for renovation anytime soon.

As with trying to figure out which cities are most imminently likely for a temple in the very near future or  when future temple events might be announced and scheduled, the most unpredictable element of it all is that the Lord's plans in this regard are so vastly different from the way we might think or feel on the issue. We can speculate or predict until we are blue in the face, and make the best estimation we can, but the Lord does know the specifics and will reveal those as needed, according to His divine and perfect plan to perpetuate mankind's ability to be forever bound to their families. He is at the helm, and His hand is over every aspect of His work.

This is especially true of temple-related developments. I have seen things happen that I felt were sure, even though I may have believed that such things wouldn't come within my lifetime. I have been able to anticipate some things that have happened in that regard very precisely at times. And I have equally as often been completely blown away by how very many surprises the Lord throws our way.

I am just thrilled to be as involved with the public discussion of such things, and I am very honored and most humbled to realize that my thoughts, such as they have been, have been so well received that my blog has reportedly ranked for the last little while as one of the top Google search results for all temple-related developments. It also thrills and frightens me to think that my influence may be more widespread than I could ever have imagined or hoped for when I first started posting my thoughts on these things.

And it is not so much because of anything I have said or any research I have done. It is mostly (if not completely) due to the fact that there has been such great discussion threads on these things. Each comment made adds to my understanding and appreciation for the value in the opinions of others, and I hope my constant updates, corrections, and clarifications serve as an adequate monument to the value I place on such contributions to the ongoing discussion.

That said, thank you so much for reading this post, and, if you would like to, please share your insights. I look forward to continuing to follow the direction that has been set by such feedback and insights. Let the discussion begin!