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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Birthday Celebration to mark President Monson's 90th Birthday Not Likely

Hello, all! While I am still waiting to find out more about some questions that some of you have asked about relating to some of my latest posts, I was able to find out one thing: Barring something unexpected, and in view of the fact that President Monson's 90th birthday is now just over two weeks away, it is not likely that a formal celebration will be held to mark this milestone. I can understand that completely. President Monson has said he is a very private person. And depending on what his condition is, it may be hard for him to muster strength to attend such a celebration. That information did not come as a surprise to me. Generally for milestone birthdays of Church presidents, an announcement is made about such a celebration several weeks (if not a month or two) in advance. So I am sure this year, between his desire for privacy and whatever his condition is, President Monson will have a low-key, low-profile, quiet celebration with just his family and Church colleagues. Either way, I am grateful for the life and ministry of our dear prophet, and I wish him all the best, however he chooses to mark this milestone. May the Lord continue to bless and inspire him to the fullest extent possible is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. One thing that President Monson has asked in the past is that we serve others as a way to honor his birthday.

    1. Great observation and reminder, Chris! Thank you for that. I am sure that the Church will at very least publish an article to honor this milestone. And I think President Monson's birthday wish and expressed desire would be no different this year. Thanks again.