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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elder L. Tom Perry passes away.

Elder Lowell Tom Perry passed away at around 3:00 pm today due to cancer. Yesterday, it was learned that his cancer was terminal and would result in his demise in quick order. I just didn't expect it to happen this quickly. He had a good run. He was born on August 5, 1922. He became an Assistant to the Twelve (a now-defunct position) in 1972 and was ordained an apostle in April of 1974. He has now been reunited with his first wife, who died in 1976, and his daughter, who died of cancer when she was only in her 30's. He is survived by his second wife, the former Barbara Dayton,  whom he married two years after the death of his first wife, Virginia. Elder Perry was, at the time of his death, the oldest living apostle. Now that distinction belongs to Elder Russell M. Nelson.

Now the questions arise, who will be called to fill the vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and how soon will that happen? It could be any time between now and the October general conference. I personally believe it will happen sooner rather than later. All but one of the currently serving apostles were called at conference time. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was called in the summer.

As to the question of who might be called to fill the vacancy, it could be any man currently serving in the Church but will more than likely be a general authority. Of the now 14 apostles serving, 2 have come from the Church membership at large (President Thomas S. Monson and Elder Dallin H. Oaks) one was an Assistant to the Twelve (President Boyd K. Packer), one was a Regional Representative (Russell M. Nelson), 6 have come from the Presidency of the Seventy (Elder M. Russell Ballard, Elder Richard G. Scott, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and Elder Neil L. Andersen), 1 was the Presiding Bishop of the Church at the time of his call (Elder Robert D. Hales), 2 were serving in the First Quorum of the Seventy (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and President Henry B. Eyring (who had, previous to his call as a Seventy, served as one of Bishop Hales's counselors)), and 1 was an area seventy (Elder David A. Bednar). So it could be any of the General Authorities, though there's always a chance he could be called from the Church at large.

I will keep tabs on this matter and post news as soon as I can after I find out about it. In the meantime, if time and circumstances allow, I will post that general update I've been promising. Just had to share this sad news today.

Elder L. Tom Perry's cancer is terminal

Sad news today from the Church. Elder L. Tom Perry's cancer is reported to be terminal and has spread to other parts of his body. He will continue to receive treatment but has basically been sent home to die. He will be receiving hospice care at home. He will no longer participate in meetings of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles but will reportedly still be receiving visitors from the First Presidency and his fellow apostles, as well as close family. It appears that, by all accounts, Elder Perry is on his way out of this life. It is somber news, to be sure. I cried when I first heard it. Then someone at work with whom I shared the news put it into perspective for me. He said, "Well, I guess this means we'll be getting a new apostle next conference." It didn't make me any less sad about Elder Perry, but it did serve as a gentle reminder that, even when the leading brethren of the Church pass on, there is a provision for succession by those who are appointed by the Lord's prophet. If and when Elder Perry does pass on, someone else will be called in his stead that we will love and sustain as fully as we do Elder Perry. As stated in previous posts, I will not speculate about how long any of the Brethren will live, nor will I ever post a prediction about potential new apostles unless and until an apostle passes on. I know I promised that my next post would be the much-needed update, but this news warranted a post of its own. I anticipate that I will likely do that general update post at some point this weekend. I know I've been promising an update for a while and not delivering. I will get to that very soon, I promise. In the meantime, I've said enough.