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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We have to get rid of the bunny

Devastating news today. On a hunch, Amy checked with the landlady on whether we could have the bunny here, and the answer we got was not the one we wanted: no bunnies allowed. And so, several short hours after naming our rabbit Baron Rupert Von Fluffybottom, we cannot keep him. Amy is doing all right with the news, but it hit me really hard. I was unable to sleep last night and spent the night hanging out with Rupert in the front room. I felt I was just getting attached to him, and now we have to get rid of him. For a while, I was inconsolable. After a chance to vent my frustration and give full reign to my sorrow, I am feeling a bit better. But I don't mind saying that I hate this stupid place with its ridiculous  regulations. Why we were led here and felt so strongly we needed to come to this place is beyond my comprehension. I can only hope and pray that there is a higher purpose in mind and a good reason for all this happening. Sorry to vent my frustrations. Hope you will have a good day. My day can only get better. Can't get much worse.

The bunny's name

Hello, guys! Posting with a late-breaking personal news update. Amy and I were just sitting at home enjoying the bunny. We opened the cage he was in and gently pet him. As my hand made contact with the bunny, I had a distinct impression: "This bunny's name is Rupert." As I shared that thought with Amy, she agreed, though she said she still wants to give him a title of some sort. After further consideration, we came up  with the full name "Baron Rupert Von Fuzzybottom". In the event that it turns out to be a girl, it will be "Baroness Rupina Von Fuzzybottom." Since I felt the name of the bunny should be Rupert, I'm reasonably certain that it's a boy. So that will be the bunny's name.