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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Conglomeration of Church News

This post will be a conglomeration of Church News. as reported on the Church News website.

For an article on how Church service missionaries shuttle people to Temple Square, please see this link.

To read how the Tabernacle Choir's tour went, please see  this article and this article.

For a report regarding the King's Singers joining the Choir for their annual Pioneer Day Concert, please see this article.

To read about the commencement of the Sapporo Japan Temple Open House, please see this article.

That does it for this post. Thanks for your readership.

General Auxiliary leaders participate in Scouting Leadership Conference

General auxiliary leaders of the Church recently participated in a Scouting Leadership Conference. For an overview of what transpired at that event, please see this article. Thanks.

Article about Sister Jean B. Bingham

The Church News this weekend ran an article about Sister Jean B. Bingham, who was called in April as the new First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency. To read the wonderful introduction to her, please see this article. Thanks.

More on the Seminar for New Mission Presidents

Here is a bit more information on the Seminar for New Mission Presidents:

As Bishop Waddell spoke to new mission presidents, he related his experience in seeing the resiliency of the Ecuadoran Saints in response to the natural disaster they had experienced. He then went on to describe how a building with a strong foundation led him to reflect on the strong foundation for the soul that is built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His message therefore was to encourage missionaries and church converts to build on that strong foundation. To read more about what he said, please see this article.

Additionally, ,the general presidents of the Church's female auxiliaries (Relief Society. Young Women and Primary) spoke on managing stress. To read what they said on the subject, please see this article.

The Church News also reported an address by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, who addressed the topic of repentance and its' vital role in missionary work. For an overview of his address, please see this article.

General Authority Seventy Elder Brent H. Nielson, executive director of the Church Missionary Department, focused his remarks on how to adequately and appropriately measure success. He spoke of his two sons, who, though they both served faithfully in difficult areas of the world, nonetheless struggled with feelings of failure. Elder Nielson reported that when his sons were able to look at their missions through the eyes of the Lord's requirements, they were able to see their success. For a report of his remarks, please see this article.

That's just a brief overview of more on the seminar. I will keep my eyes open for further reports, which you can be sure to find here on this blog. Thanks for your readership.