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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rumors of President Monson's death are false; his hospitalization continues

There have reportedly been some unfounded rumors circulating today that President Monson died this afternoon. Though I am late in posting about this, the Church acted very quickly in debunking that rumor. President Monson remains hospitalized as reported earlier this evening.

If the Lord's prophet does pass away at any point in the near future, that will be subsequently confirmed by the Church Public Affairs department. In the meantime, I hope no one who reads this blog was duped in any way by those rumors. Click here for KSL's updated status report on our prophet's health situation.

In the meantime, I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate my absolute testimony that the Lord is in control of if and when each prophet is released from his calling, and that release will only ever happen by death. Anyone who says the Church should be run by younger individuals, and that an emeritus status of sorts should be enacted for apostles and prophets, or that the Church should call a second Quorum of the Twelve to help shoulder the load is not at all being influenced by the spirit of the Lord. That is not the Lord's way of doing things. The pattern of apostolic succession has been divinely orchestrated, and we would be much better served to leave the release date of apostles in His hands. After all, He has been involved in this process for so very much longer than any of us will ever be.

For now, I feel that is sufficient for this post. Thanks for your readership and support. May God continue to bless our dear prophet, President Monson, and may He continue to be with those who assist him in carrying on this work. Thanks to you all for reading this. Comments are welcome, but please be civil about making them. Thanks again.