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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Unit Growth Thoughts

Hello, all! I am posting with some thoughts and estimates about the potential for unit growth during this year. I will not offer analysis of this information, just my thoughts on what the Church might be looking at numbers-wise by the end of this year. Here's what I know: By the end of 2017, 53 Sundays will have been observed. Tomorrow marks the 32nd Sunday of this year. Within the 31 Sundays thus far, the Church has seen a net increase of 35 stakes (or just over 1.13 new stakes established each week). The Church has also seen a net decrease of 12 districts (although quite a few of those districts were upgraded to stakes, as noted by many of you who regularly read and comment on my blog posts. The number of wards and branches has seen a net increase of 36 (with many created and several discontinued). And with the merge of the two Russian missions (which the Church announced several months ago), the number of current missions stands at a worldwide count of 420.

So what does this mean in terms of what may happen by the end of the year? Well, with the 1.13 stakes created per week thus far (which, as noted, is a net increase of 35 stakes), if that continues for the remaining 22 Sundays of this month, a net increase of 25 stakes could happen. If it does, that means the Church would have seen an overall net increase of 60 stakes.

My research on this matter demonstrates that within the last 4 months of last year, 37 of the 100 new stakes from last year were created. Since around 3 stakes were discontinued during that time (if my research is correct), then the Church last year had a next increase of around 34 stakes from August-December of last year.

With all that in mind, I am venturing a prediction that the Church could see an overall net gain of around 57 stakes, which, in the 53 Sundays of the year, would mean that roughly 1.07 stakes would then have been created during each week of 2017.

Whatever the case, we can be sure that the LDS Church Growth Blog and the unit page of the LDS Church Temples site will continue to contain the latest updates in that regard. And I will continue to do my best to keep track of all of that as well, and to pass along anything I find out.

For now, hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for the privilege of your time. Any comments are welcome. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best.

Birthday Celebration to mark President Monson's 90th Birthday Not Likely

Hello, all! While I am still waiting to find out more about some questions that some of you have asked about relating to some of my latest posts, I was able to find out one thing: Barring something unexpected, and in view of the fact that President Monson's 90th birthday is now just over two weeks away, it is not likely that a formal celebration will be held to mark this milestone. I can understand that completely. President Monson has said he is a very private person. And depending on what his condition is, it may be hard for him to muster strength to attend such a celebration. That information did not come as a surprise to me. Generally for milestone birthdays of Church presidents, an announcement is made about such a celebration several weeks (if not a month or two) in advance. So I am sure this year, between his desire for privacy and whatever his condition is, President Monson will have a low-key, low-profile, quiet celebration with just his family and Church colleagues. Either way, I am grateful for the life and ministry of our dear prophet, and I wish him all the best, however he chooses to mark this milestone. May the Lord continue to bless and inspire him to the fullest extent possible is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.