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Friday, August 18, 2017

Report of Articles Featured on Church Websites to Honor President Monson's 90th Birthday

Hello, all! I am back today to report on articles published on Church websites in honor of President Monson's 90th birthday. There are a lot of them to feature, so let's get right to it.

First, his family members describe what they believe he would want us to do to honor his birthday, and it mirrors the request he gave some years ago on another birthday: Find someone who is having a hard time and help them. For more on this birthday wish, click here.

President Monson's family members shared precious memories they had of experiences with him. To read about that, click here. The Church News also wrote an article summarizing many of his greatest apostolic sermons.. You can read about that here.

The Church News viewpoint was written about how we can honor President Monson on his birthday by praying for him and by serving others. You can find that article here. The Church News also shared a history moment recounting President Monson's role in the progression of the gospel in East Germany. You can read more about that here.

Rounding out these tribute articles are this one sharing tributes of general Church leaders to President Monson as he approaches this milestone birthday, and this one from the Mormon Newsroom website, describing how President Monson will have a quiet family celebration as he observes this milestone and sharing some of the same tributes from Church leaders featured in the first article linked in this paragraph.

For myself, I will say this: Because of how extensive the ministry of our prophet has been, he deserves a chance to celebrate this milestone quietly and without fanfare. I am sure he would love another more public celebration this go-round, but I know for myself how valuable such quiet moments can be. His long life of service, and his continuing to press on in spite of age-related difficulties that limit his ability to function is deserving of our admiration, respect, and deference. I will be taking time next Monday (on the exact day) to put together my tribute to this man for his birthday.

For now, I join in the pleas of the songs written to honor Church Presidents in saying that I hope God will bless our prophet dear from now until whenever he is called home. Until that time, may we continue to follow his example.

Thank you for the privilege of your time. Comments are welcome and appreciated, except for any that are derogatory about our dear prophet or any that imply the Church should let him retire. That is not, never has been, and never will be the Lord's way. That said, with few exceptions, I have found all comments on this blog to be uplifting and inspirational, and I thank you all for that. Until I post again, I wish you all the best.