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Friday, December 7, 2018

Revised Specific Estimates for Known Temple Events in the Near Future

Hello again, everyone! As promised, I am posting again now to share my revised specific estimates for known temple events in the near future. It should be noted, at the outset, that these estimates are subject to official confirmation through a Church announcement. That said, I have done my best to gauge the recent progress (or the lack thereof) on both new temples and those which are undergoing renovation, and, based on what is known through the sources I have available, I feel reasonably confident in offering these estimates. As time passes and more is known about whether each of these temples is on track, I will, of course, be altering those estimates as needed in the future.

The estimates follow below. If any of you have any questions on the reasoning behind the timing of these estimates, please let me know. So as not to disturb the flow of this information, I will end here and now as I always do. That does it for this post. Any and all comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated, on any post at any time, as long as such feedback falls within the parameters of the established guidelines. Thank you for the privilege of your time. If you enjoyed what you read here and would like to stay informed of newly-added content, please feel free to subscribe. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best and pray that the Lord will bless you all in everything you do.

Specific Estimates for Known Temple Events in the Near Future

Sunday December 9: Dedication of the Barranquilla Colombia Temple (161st operating temple; confirmed)
Note: President Nelson could (and probably will) preside at this temple’s dedication, but he may also opt to delegate that to one of his counselors or one of the six senior members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I had also wondered if he (President Nelson) would be doing another leg of his Global Ministry Tour in conjunction with this event, but given that nothing official has been announced in that regard, it seems more likely than not that the presiding officials will just do the temple dedication, since anything else would detract from the focus on Christmas and on Christ as the reason for this season.

Final note on 2018: I had heard that this year would be a potentially big one for temple groundbreakings. Although the Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire Temple unexpectedly had its’ groundbreaking in November 2018, unless there is something of which I am not aware, it does not appear as though any other temples will have a groundbreaking prior to the end of this year.

Wednesday January 16: Groundbreaking for the Urdaneta Philippines Temple (confirmed)
Note: On November 19, 2018, the First Presidency announced the groundbreaking date for this temple, and that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would preside at this event. Until more information is available regarding the anticipated duration of construction, I have set a preliminary general completion estimate of early-to-mid 2021. If I find any new information indicating that this temple will be completed sooner than that, I will be sure to adjust this estimate.
Saturday January 26: Groundbreaking for the Bangkok Thailand Temple (confirmed)
Note: On November 27, 2018, just 8 days following the afore-mentioned announcement of the groundbreaking information for the Urdaneta Philippines Temple, the First Presidency also announced that the groundbreaking for this temple would be held 10 days after that one. Since a general completion estimate of 3-4 years has been given for the construction of this temple, I have felt a more specific but still general estimate of mid-2022 would be appropriate.
Sunday March 10-Tuesday March 12: Dedication of the Rome Italy Temple (162nd operating temple; confirmed)
Note: The First Presidency announced the amended dedication dates for this temple on November 8, 2018. Given that this dedication will now be held over three days rather than the previously-announced 8-day period, there may be only 2-3 of our 15 apostles participating in this event. That said, it would not surprise me in any way if this dedication was either the start or conclusion of another leg of President Nelson’s ongoing Global Ministry Tour.
Saturday & Sunday April 6 & 7: 189th General Conference
Note: Because 19 temples were announced in 2018, and because President Nelson has expressed his commitment to continuing to bring temples closer to the Saints around the world, I am sure we will see several new temples announced during this General Conference.
Sunday April 14: Dedication of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple (163rd operating temple; confirmed)
Note: In view of the facts that the dedication of this temple will occur after the April General Conference, and that following the April 2018 General Conference, President Nelson began his Global Ministry Tour, I could see President Nelson doing another leg of his tour in conjunction with this temple’s dedication, whether that tour starts or ends with this dedication, or whether a dedication is held sometime in the mid-point of that tour.
Sunday May 19: Dedication of the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple (164th operating temple; confirmed)
Note: On November 14, 2018, the First Presidency announced the open house and dedication for this temple. This means that the more specific timing for all other temple events next year needed to be similarly adjusted. President Nelson could dedicate this temple himself, or begin delegating that responsibility to his counselors. If President Nelson presides at this event, it would not shock me to find out that this dedication might be part of another leg of his ongoing Global Ministry Tour.
Early-to-mid June: Dedication of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple (165th operating temple)
Early-to-mid August: Rededication of the Oakland California Temple
Mid-to-late August: Rededication of the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple
Early-to-mid September: Dedication of the Durban South Africa Temple (166th operating temple)
Mid-to-late September: Rededication of the Memphis Tennessee Temple
Saturday & Sunday October 5 & 6: 189th Semiannual General Conference:
Note: Depending on what is done by this time to clear the existing backlog of announced temples, it seems more likely than not that several new temples will be announced during this weekend.
Mid-October: Rededication of the Raleigh North Carolina Temple
Late October-early November: Dedication of the Lisbon Portugal Temple (167th operating temple)
Mid-to-late November: Rededication of the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
December: Rededication of the Frankfurt Germany Temple

Final note on 2019: Given what I have heard about 2019, it seems more likely than not that several temples will have a groundbreaking at some point during that year. As noted above, the groundbreakings have been scheduled for the Urdaneta Philippines and Bangkok Thailand Temples. I am also anticipating that a groundbreaking for the Pocatello Idaho Temple will be held in mid-2019. Additionally, based on what I know at the present time, I am keeping my eyes open for information on the Saratoga Springs Utah, Nairobi Kenya, Lima Peru Los Olivos, Harare Zimbabwe, Brasilia Brazil, and Greater Manila Philippines Temples, most (if not all) of which could have a groundbreaking by the end of 2019.

Mid-February: Dedication of the Arequipa Peru Temple (168th operating temple)
Mid-March: Rededication of the Asuncion Paraguay Temple
Saturday & Sunday April 4 & 5: 190th Annual General Conference
Note: Barring anything unexpected, I would anticipate several new temples being announced during this weekend.
Mid-to-late April: Dedication of the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple (169th operating temple)
Mid-to-late May: Rededication of the Tokyo Japan Temple
Mid-August: Dedication of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple (170th operating temple)
Saturday & Sunday October 3 & 4: 190th Semiannual General Conference
Note: Temple announcements are always possible, so it is not hard to believe that a few could be announced during this General Conference.
Mid-October: Rededication of the Mesa Arizona Temple
Mid-November: Dedication of the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple (171st operating temple)
Note: At the groundbreaking for this temple (which occurred on November 8, 2018), Elder Neil L. Andersen, who presided at this event and gave his remarks in French, noted that construction of the temple was anticipated to take around two years. For that reason, I am moving my previous estimate for this temple’s dedication up to this point.
Mid-December: Rededication of the Washington DC Temple

Final note on 2020: Some of the announced temples that will have a groundbreaking between now (early November 2018) and the end of 2019 could potentially be dedicated during this year. And several other announced temples (I currently have 7 on my radar) could have a groundbreaking during 2020 as well.

Saturday & Sunday April 3 & 4: 191st Annual General Conference
Note: Depending on what happens between now (early December 2018) and the dates for this General Conference, I could easily see several new temples announced.
Mid-to-late April: Rededication of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple
Early-to-mid June: Dedication of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple (172nd operating temple)
Note: Until we have a more general estimate for this temple’s completion, a more specific one is being approximated here. It is also likely that some temples which are yet-to-have a groundbreaking will be dedicated before this one is, so the numbering is also approximated.
Saturday & Sunday October 2 & 3: 191st Semiannual General Conference
Note: I am hoping that by the time this particular General Conference weekend rolls around, the temple construction program of the Church will have progressed to the point where some temples will continue to be announced every six months.

Final note on 2021: If, as anticipated, several more temples are announced in 2019 and 2020, and any which have not yet had a groundbreaking have that occur within that same time period, that in turn will multiply the number of known temple events which will likely occur in 2021 and the years beyond. As more is learned about future temple renovations, that will also have an impact on the number of future events.

Saturday & Sunday April 2 & 3: 192nd Annual General Conference
Note: Since the face of the Church’s temple construction program will likely look entirely different by this time, I would anticipate the announcement of several new temples.
Mid-August: Dedication of the Bangkok Thailand Temple (173rd operating temple)
Note: Because this temple is significantly larger than temples which have been built in recent years, delays in that construction process are more likely than not. It is also worth noting that the official number for this temple is almost certain to change as other temples have a groundbreaking and construction and are potentially completed before this one is.
Saturday & Sunday October 1 & 2: 192nd Semiannual General Conference
Note:  As noted above (for the 2022 April General Conference), by this time, it is more likely than not that the face of the Church’s temple construction program will be looking entirely different. With that in mind, it seems more likely than not that other temples could be announced during this General Conference.

Final note: As noted a few different times here, within the four years or so between now and the end of 2022, the face of the Church’s temple construction program will likely look very different. We currently have a Church President who has clearly prioritized bringing the temples to the people, and the fact that he announced 19 new temples within his first year as such verifies that beyond doubt. I also am equally certain he will do all he can to clear the existing backlog of announced temples. With that in mind, there will likely be many more temple events to add to this list in the future. I am committed to bringing updates in that regard to you all as I receive them.