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Monday, June 1, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Church and Temple News Developments Reported; Changes in Area Seventies Quorums to Go Into Effect Today

Hello again, everyone! As you'll notice from this post's title, multiple developments have been noted by the Church today. Let's get right into all of those developments. Firstly, it appears that around 5 days ago, the Church noted in some respect that the groundbreaking for the Salta Argentina Temple will occur on Saturday August 15, with Elder Bejamin De Hoyos, president of the Soutth America South Area, presiding. The Newsroom had published that release on their main page earlier today to note that officially, but it appears that the release has since been taken down from its' original location on the website. 

As a result, in order to confirm this information, I refer you to the relevant news page for that temple from the Church Temples site. Hopefully the Church will fix that release at some point later today, and when that happens, I will provide that update through an edit to this post or through a comment hereon. Based on the rendering provided on that page, I am estimating that construction will take 2.5-3 years or so. That news will necessiate another revision to any previous thoughts about temple events this year that I have provided up to this point. Stay tuned for more on that as I figure it all out. In the meantime, the Church News website has reported that the phased reopening of temples will continue, with 11 more temples set to reopen next Monday. 

This latest announcement will bring the number of temples open under phase 1 to a total of 77 by Monday June 8. Among those reopening next week will include the sole temples in Ghana, Nigeria, Portugal, and Tahiti,  and the temples in Sapporo Japan; Fort Lauiderdale Florida; Meridian and Rexburg Idaho; Indianapolis India; Lubbock Texas; and Reno Nevada. I love to see how the Church is truly being cautious when it comes to the approach towards reopening temples. Hopefully in the coming weeks, others will move into phase 1, while some which have successfully been in phase 1 for a while may be able to go to phase 2. Stay tuned for more information as I become aware of such newsx on that front.

Let's turn now to the last new development. Earlier today, the Newsroom announced a streamlining to the process whereby Church news will be covered thereon. The previously-separate News and Events page has been absorbed into the Newsroom page, where all News and Events will now be featured. Additionally, some coverage provided by the Church News will be shared in that central Newsroom page, which will now in essence become the main hub for all such developments. The image posted with this announcement showed Elder Soares, apparently seen somewhere in Latin America. I am not sure if that is meant to indicate that Elder Soares now has some role in the Church Public Affairs Department, but that is a possibility.

And the final item I wanted to mention in this post is regarding a previously-announced development.  On May 19, the First Presidency had announced changes in the demographic composition of Area Seventies' Quorums, along with the creation of 4 new Quorums of the Seventy. Since that announcement noted that those changes would take effect on June 1, they have now become official. Although the Church website staff may be busy making other updaites that are needed relating to the other developments reported in this post, it's my hope that the official list of area seventies might soon be updated.

In conclusion, I want to note that when President Nelson mentioned things moving foroward at an accelerated pace, he was definitively not kidding. I look forward to seeing whatever may be next in that respect.