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Monday, May 1, 2017

Tokyo Japan Temple President Passes Away/Minor Construction Developments Reported

Hello, all! Before sharing some minor updates on temple construction, I wanted to note the report today that the president of the Tokyo Japan Temple died during his active service on April 28, and his funeral services were held earlier today. It is therefore logical to assume that a new president will be called within the next couple of days, and that new president will most likely be one of the counselors of the deceased president. More to come on that once more is known. I am also actively working on a list of temples that have had or will have a new president this year and the long-promised update on the latest apostolic statistics.

For the moment, I wanted to share some minor but still significant updates on temple construction progress, updates which  I have added to my report. While I had reported previously that exterior floodlighting was being installed at the Cedar City Utah  Temple grounds, and while that update was featured on the main and news pages of the LDS Church Temples site, that detail has not subsequently appeared on the construction status page of that site, so I have felt it advisable to restore the status that was most recently reported on that temple, which is that, in addition to trees and flowers being planted on the grounds, interior paint and millwork installation is underway.

Meanwhile, at the Kinshasa DR Congo Temple, steel roof trusses are nearing completion. At this point, it appears that either that temple, or the Barranquilla Colombia Temple could be completed first. A lot will depend on what happens with the construction of both over the next several months.

Also, there has still not been any reports that the construction of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple has started in earnest. Canadian seasons tend to follow those of the US pretty closely, as they are neighboring nations. That said, Canadian winters in some places, Manitoba being one of them, have been historically known to be very bad. So full-scale construction could begin anytime this month or next month. I have been very surprised that no progress has happened with that temple as of yet. I do know that, here in Utah County, winter conditions cleared a while ago. Rain and snow is still possible within the next month or so, but Utah has not seen a bad storm for a while. So I am not sure how much prior winter conditions might still figure in to progress on this temple. But it should start anytime now.

As always, I am trying my best to keep a faithful eye on  all developments, and will pass along news and updates as I find them out. In the meantime, any and all comments are appreciated. Thanks so much, friends, for taking an interest in things about which I "sound off." I know that my efforts to put such posts together would be a lot more difficult if I didn't know that my thoughts were important to so many of you. Readership of my posts continues to be more than I ever could have imagined when I started out. And I always treasure comments that are made, which, more often than not, change the direction of my thought patterns and future posts. I particularly appreciate all of you who have pointed out incorrect information I have posted previously. I always strive to be as accurate as possible, and I thank all of you for helping me continue to do so. Thanks again!