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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Church Announces Mission Changes for 2019

Hello again, everyone! Breaking news again from the Church about changes in missions for 2019. This is the earliest in any year, in my memory, in which such changes were announced. In the official Newsroom release, the creation of four new missions and boundary alignments for 12 others are detailed. The resulting number of missions total will be 399.

The new missions will be located to serve the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and one more each for Guatemala, Peru, and the Philippines. Mission boundaries will be realigned for 3 California missions, and one each in Argentina, Halifax Nova Scotia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Japan, Korea, New York, and Virginia. I imagine that the specific missions will be consolidated with surrounding missions.

Later this month, the announcement notes that new mission presidents will be announced, which will also occur earlier than it has in past years. President Nelson's good health has surely impacted the earlier timing of the announcement of these changes, which is wonderful to see. In the meantime, others, who are more skilled than I am in that area, will provide further analysis of these developments in the coming days, so I will not comment further on these changes for now, except to advise all that such analysis will likely be provided later this week on the Church growth blog maintained so well by Matthew Martinich.

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