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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Church News Updates include article about New GA Seventy Elder Taniela B. Wakolo

Hello! I am here again to report some Church news. This article shares the text of the dedicatory prayer for the Paris France Temple. The facts relating to the Paris France Temple are laid out in this article, although it should be noted that the groundbreaking date for this temple refers to the day when work formally started, as an actual groundbreaking did not take place. In this article, Elder Ballard shares a timely message with the young adults of the Church. This article introduces us to Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, who was sustained as a new General Authority Seventy last April. And then, from the Mormon Newsroom, we have this article, which details how Mormon History Day was observed recently in California.

That is all I have for now. Thanks for your readership and support.

Updated List of Temple Presidents that have been or might be called during 2017

Hello, all! With the callings of new temple presidents that were announced today, it has become necessary to post an updated list of those who have been or may yet be called. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

New Temples whose presidents will begin serving later this year:
1.      Paris France (President announced in 2016; will begin formal service on May 21)
2.      Cedar City Utah (President  announced in March; will begin service on December 10)
3.      Tucson Arizona (President announced in March; will begin formal service on August 13)
4.      Meridian Idaho (President announced in April; will begin formal service in November 19)

Operating Temples whose president was changed earlier this year:
1.      Calgary Alberta (president changed sometime during March for an undisclosed reason, likely because the previous president died or became incapacitated)

General Note #1: The president of the Tokyo Japan Temple died during his active service in late April of this year. The Church has no doubt called one of his counselors as the new president so that the work of the temple can go on uninterrupted. Once I learn of that information, I will add that temple to one of the lists above.

General Note #2: Other operating temples, as has already been announced, will be getting a new president later this year as well, and if those changes take place as they did during my six-year service in the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple, the new presidents will start their service on the first Monday or Tuesday of November, which fall this year on the 6th and 7th. Those temples that will have a new president this year include the following:
1.      Apia Samoa
2.      Logan Utah
3.      Vernal Utah
4.      Toronto Ontario
5.      Snowflake Arizona
6.      Phoenix Arizona
7.      Salt Lake
8.      Bern Switzerland
9.      Quetzaltenango Guatemala
10.  Louisville Kentucky
11.  San Diego California
12.  Mount Timpanogos Utah
13.  Madrid Spain
14.  Bogota Colombia
15.  Edmonton Alberta
16.  Newport Beach California
17.  Adelaide Australia
18.  Kona Hawaii
19.  Caracas Venezuela
20.  Bismarck North Dakota
21.  Mesa Arizona
22.  Columbia South Carolina
23.  Ogden Utah
24.  Lubbock Texas
25.  Guayaquil Ecuador
26.  Fort Lauderdale Florida
27.  Los Angeles California
28.  San Salvador El Salvador
29.  Manila Philippines
30.  San Antonio Texas

General Note #3: Temple presidents generally serve for around three years. With that in mind, I feel confident in predicting that the following temples may also have a new president announced:
1.      Baton Rouge Louisiana
2.      Buenos Aires Argentina
NOTE: The current president has been serving since this temple’s rededication in 2012. As that is well beyond the standard 3 years of service, it seems reasonable to assume that there will be such a change this year.

General Note #4: The presidents of the following temples would be marking their third year of service had they not closed previously for renovations. A new president may or may not be called this year for those temples.
1.      Freiberg Germany (Closed for renovation in 2014 and rededicated last year)
2.      Idaho Falls Idaho (Closed for renovation in 2015 and will be rededicated in less than a month)

General Note #5: The presidents of the following temples would be marking three years of service later this year if those temples were not closing for renovations within the next ten months. Therefore, there may or may not be a change.
1.      Asuncion Paraguay
NOTE: The current president has served since 2014, which means that this year would mark time for a charge. But this temple will close for renovation in October, one month before usual changes are made. As a subsequent rededication of this temple is anticipated sometime in 2019, it is more than likely that the Church will hold off on naming a new president until that time.
2.      Washington DC
NOTE: Though this temple president will have marked three years of service later this year, the temple will close for renovation next March. With that in mind, I could see the Church calling a new president this year for a few months prior to that renovation, or holding off on calling anyone until after the renovation is completed sometime during 2020.

General Note #6: The following two temples closed for renovations in the middle of their current president’s active service. Were it not for that, we would likely be seeing changes there as well.
1.      Jordan River (president has served since 2014; temple closed in 2015 and will be rededicated sometime next year, so a new president may not be called until sometime during 2020)
2.      Frankfurt Germany (president has served since 2013; temple closed in 2015 and will be rededicated sometime next year, so the president could be changed sometime within the next two years)

General Note #7: Temples that will most likely be dedicated during the early or middle part of next year and might therefore have their first presidents announced at some point during the fall of this year (since the first president of the Paris France Temple had its’ first: president called during the summer of 2016):
1.      Rome Italy
2.      Kinshasa DR Congo
3.      Barranquilla Colombia