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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Revised Estimated Time-frame for completion of temples scheduled for renovation

Hello. In the most recent version of my temple construction progress report, I included a revision of the time-frame within which each scheduled renovation would be completed. After further study and facts have come to light, I have once again revised these estimates. Those will appear on the next version of that progress report I post here. In the meantime, I thought I would post those changes by themselves in this post. Here they are, in the order in  which I feel they will be completed and rededicated:
Early 2019 (might be pushed back a bit depending on how things go): Memphis Tennessee Temple Rededication
Mid-2019: Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple Rededication
Mid-to-late 2019 (perhaps in the early months of the fall season): Oakland California Temple Rededication
Mid-to-late 2019 (possibly in the latter months of the year): Asuncion Paraguay Temple Rededication
Mid-2020 (perhaps as summer comes to North America): Washington DC Temple Rededication
Mid-to-late 2020 (possibly late in the fall): Tokyo Japan Rededication

A few notes on these projections: Temples in the US, whether new or being renovated, generally have been completed sooner than their international counterparts. Even so, with the fact that the first two US temples scheduled for renovation will have that process start two weeks apart, it is safe to assume and to assert that they will not be finished within the same time-frame. This is why I have projected early 2019 for the rededication in Memphis, and mid-2019 for the rededication in Oklahoma City.

Next, even though the Oakland California temple is only set to close next February, we do know that the renovation is scheduled to be done sometime in 2019, and so an estimate of 1.25 years for the renovation seems to be sound. Also, in spite of the fact that the Asuncion temple is reportedly going to be the first one of the four to close, renovations for temples outside the US do take longer,  so it seems to be safe to assume that that temple won't be rededicated until near the end of the year.

The Washington DC Temple will only close for its renovation in 10 months. Even so, we also know that it will be rededicated sometime in 2020. And since it is a temple within the US, it is not hard to believe that its rededication will occur some months prior to that in Tokyo. Regarding Tokyo, we know that it is anticipated to be rededicated at some point during 2020. Given that it is an older temple that was built outside the US, the fall estimate seems logical.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this and, if you feel so inclined, for giving me your feedback. I appreciate you all!

Additional Blog Problems Fixed

Hello, all! I heard again from many that could not comment here still. So I once again took steps to address the problem. I got Disqus actually disabled this time. Unfortunately, that means that all comments made during the time that I was using Disqus were taken from my blog. But I am elated and delighted to report that from now on, anyone with a Google account can comment as much as they want. I know I have said that before, and I apologize for that misinformation, but this time, it is 100% true. The comments can again commence in earnest. I look forward to those conversations resuming. Thanks again to you all.