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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Additional Developments Reported on the Concepcion Chile Temple

Hello, all! In addition to the groundbreaking announcement for Haiti's first temple (the second to be built in the Caribbean) and what was noted yesterday about the Arequipa Peru Temple foundation, I found out today that there has been progress on the Concepcion Chile Temple as well. While work remains to be done on the exterior cladding for the east and west walls, that for the north and south is almost completed. Precast stone cladding is also being attached to the base of the steeple. It is still unknown whether or not this temple will be completed by the end of next year. I always prefer to think and speak optimistically until I know otherwise. For now, that is all that is going on in terms of recent temple developments. Stay tuned this weekend for other posts as I am able to make them happen. I will also be working more on getting the commenting enabled properly again as well. Thanks for the privilege of your time.