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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Updated Future Estimates for Known Temple Events

Hello again, everyone! As I promised to do, I have taken another look at the estimates I have previously provided for future temple events that are currently anticipated. Based on that additional research, I have made those changes that I have felt would be appropriate. So as to absolve myself of any trouble, I should throw out a disclaimer: I do not in any way have access to inside information that would prove the merit of the information below. 

What I have done is to use my knowledge of the progress (or lack thereof) on new temples and others undergoing renovation to gauge how close each might be to a dedication, then used any other facts I could find (including estimates mentioned by others whose opinions I greatly respect, information about climate-related concerns that might alter such estimates further, and even a few newspaper articles from well-respected publications covering progress on such projects on a local level).

The estimates below represent my best efforts to figure out how reasonable a suggested time-frame might be, and they follow below. That does it for this post. Any and all comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated. Thank you for the privilege of your time. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best and pray that the Lord will be with and bless you all in everything you do.

Future estimates for known temple-related events

First half of 2018:
April or May: Full-scale construction anticipated to begin for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple
Note: This temple, which had a groundbreaking in December 2016, has been stalled in the approval process, which necessitated a plan modification. So I fully anticipate that, once winter 2018 clears Canada, construction will begin soon afterward.
Sunday April 22: Houston Texas Temple Rededication (private; date has been confirmed; President M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will preside at this event)
Sunday May 20: Jordan River Utah Temple Rededication/Mesa Arizona Temple Renovation Closure (both have been confirmed)
Note: Since the rededication Jordan River Utah Temple is the first public temple event of President Nelson’s administration, it seems to be a given conclusion that he will preside at this event, but it will be interesting indeed to see how soon he shares such duties with his counselors, which has seen some variation for each Church president in recent years.

Second half of 2018:
July: Hamilton New Zealand Temple Renovation Closure (confirmed; official date confirmation pending)
Sunday October 28: Concepcion Chile Temple Dedication (160th operating temple; confirmed)
Sunday November 18 or December 16: Rome Italy Temple Dedication (which would, if confirmed, make this temple the 161st or 162nd operating temple of the Church)
Note: In a recent Italian newspaper article, (if I interpreted the translation correctly), a construction worker assigned to this project indicated that Church leaders had set a date near the end of May by which the project would be turned back over to them. If that occurs on schedule, then I could easily see the dedication scheduled for one of these two dates. That said, because this temple has had other delays in its construction process up to this point, if those delays continue, that would push back the estimated timeline for this event.
Sunday December 9: Barranquilla Colombia Temple Dedication (161st or 162nd operating temple; date has been officially confirmed)
Note: With this temple’s dedication date confirmed, the one questions, as noted above, is whether or not the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple will be able to occur in late 2018. Until that is officially confirmed or denied, the numbering for this temple is tentative.

Final note on 2018: If the Rome Italy Temple dedication is delayed at all, that may push other events in subsequent years back as well. I have also heard that 2018 could potentially be a big year for groundbreakings of temples currently announced. With the Bangkok Thailand Temple having taken a major step forward towards its’ potential groundbreaking (as the site was announced and the architectural rendering was released on March 19, 2018), I will be watching that one. And with President Nelson set to tour Africa, Asia, and Europe, there may be a possibility that he could break ground for one or more of the announced temples that might be ready for that while he is there. I continue to keep my eyes open for anything official and will be sure to post such news as I receive it.

First half of 2019:
Mid-February: Fortaleza Brazil Temple Dedication (163rd operating temple)
Note: My main rationale for moving this temple up to this spot on this list is in the fact that, as of today, that temple has a similar status to that of the Concepcion and Barranquilla Temples, meaning it may be far enough along to be dedicated sooner than anticipated. I will keep my eyes open for information that could change my mind again, but for now, the rationale to move it up seems sound.
Mid-to-late March: Memphis Tennessee Temple Rededication
Mid-April: Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple Rededication
Early-to-mid May: Kinshasa DR Congo Temple Dedication (164th operating temple)
Mid-to-late May: Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple Dedication (165th operating temple)
Early-to-mid June: Raleigh North Carolina Temple Rededication

Second half of 2019:
Early-to-mid August: Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple Rededication
Mid-to-late August: Lisbon Portugal Temple Dedication (166th operating temple)
Mid-September: Frankfurt Germany Temple Rededication
Note: While I would hope that the Saints served by the Frankfurt Temple, which has been closed since 2015, will not have to wait this long to have their temple operating again, at the same time, this temple has had numerous delays, while its’ US counterparts that have closed for renovation more recently have made much more substantial progress. If and when I see anything that would necessitate shifting this estimate again, I will do so.
Mid-to-late October: Durban South Africa Temple Dedication (167th operating temple)
Mid-November: Asuncion Paraguay Temple Rededication
Note: While this temple was the second one to close for renovation in 2017, it has not progressed beyond the securing of building permits. For that reason, while I hope to be able to move this estimate up once full-scale efforts are reported, for now, it has felt wise to be more conservative.
Mid-December: Oakland California Temple Rededication
Note: This temple closed for renovation on February 19, 2018 and the renovation process was officially underway as of February 28, 2018. When its’ closure was announced by the First Presidency, the announcement indicated that this temple would be rededicated in 2019. That said, it is an older temple, and if anything delays or prolongs that process, another adjustment to this estimate would be necessary.

Final note on 2019: As with 2018, I have heard that 2019 could potentially be another big year for temple groundbreakings. If that proves to be the case, there will be other temple-related events to add to this list for subsequent years.
First half of 2020:
Mid-March: Arequipa Peru Temple Dedication (168th operating temple)
Mid-to-late April: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Dedication (169th operating temple)
Mid-May: Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Dedication (170th operating temple)
Note: This estimate will only prove justified if, as widely anticipated, full-scale construction begins for this temple in April or May 2018. If that process is delayed for any further reasons, or if the 20-month construction estimate no longer applies, any subsequent adjustments that may be needed will be made.
Early-to-mid June: Tokyo Japan Temple Rededication
Note: While I previously noted that, because this temple is considerably smaller than others, the renovation would likely be concluded in early 2020, not much progress has been reported since the temple closed on October 2 of last year, which I have felt is sufficient reason to push this estimate back. If such progress is reported in the near future, I will be sure to change this estimate again.
Mid-September: Mesa Arizona Temple Rededicatiom
Mid-December: Washington DC Temple Rededication

Mid-to-late April: Hamilton New Zealand Temple Rededication

Final note: If, as noted above, several temples have a groundbreaking during the next two years, that in turn would necessitate adding their completion estimates to the list above. I continue to monitor all temple-related developments and will pass news of them along as I receive word of them.