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Friday, April 27, 2018

Updated Estimates for Known Temple Events

Hello again, everyone! Based on the progress (or the lack thereof) which I have observed for temples worldwide in recent days, I have taken another look at my estimates for known temple events and have made those adjustment that I have felt would be appropriate. Those updated estimates follow below.

So as not to disturb the flow of the information, I will end my post here as I always do. That does it for this post. Any and all comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated. Thank you for the privilege of your time. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best and pray that the Lord will bless you all in everything you do.

Future estimates for known temple events

Anytime between now and the end of June: Full-scale construction anticipated to begin for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple
Note: According to a Church member living in Canada, full-scale construction was anticipated to begin on this temple (which had a groundbreaking in early December 2016) at some point during April 2018. With the month almost being over, a few sources I have available have noted that full-scale efforts are likely to begin within the next two months, but hopefully sooner rather than later.
Anytime in the near future: Full-scale renovation anticipated to begin for the Asuncion Paraguay Temple
Note: This temple closed for renovation on October 29, 2017. Within the six months that have followed, the process was delayed while building permits were being acquired. In mid-to-late April 2018, many sources which I consult for temple information removed any completion estimate. While I hope that the Church’s announced intention to rededicate this temple next year will be able to occur, only time will tell if that will be possible.
Sunday May 20: Jordan River Utah Temple Rededication/Mesa Arizona Temple Renovation Closure (both have been confirmed)
Note: Since the rededication Jordan River Utah Temple is the first public temple event of President Nelson’s administration, it seems to be a given conclusion that he will preside at this event, if only the first one or two sessions. Since this temple is in the Salt Lake Valley, it seems entirely likely that several Church leaders will be in attendance at this event as well. This rededication will also mark the last time (for now) that the Church will have a cultural celebration the night before, as it seems to be the new tradition to have a devotional for youth at that time instead. And although the closure for the Mesa Arizona Temple will likely go into effect at the end of the day on the Friday or Saturday prior to this, this is the official date given by the Church for that closure.
Monday July 23: Hamilton New Zealand Temple Renovation Closure (confirmed)
Sunday October 28: Concepcion Chile Temple Dedication (160th operating temple; confirmed)
Sunday December 9: Barranquilla Colombia Temple Dedication (161st operating temple; confirmed)

Final note on 2018: I have heard that we will likely see many groundbreakings for temples that have currently not progressed beyond their announcements. The main ones I am watching in that regard are the Bangkok Thailand, Urdaneta Philippines, Lima Peru Los Olivos, Saratoga Springs Utah, and Harare Zimbabwe Temples. Each of those temples could have a groundbreaking by the end of 2018, and I am not ruling out any of the 14 other announced temples, although the 7 announced in General Conference at the beginning of this month will likely have a bit more of a wait. The Lord could also surprise us by moving ahead any other announced temples. I will be anxious to see what occurs in that regard.

Preliminary note for 2019: The Church has already announced that the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple will occur in mid-March. So the big question in my mind, which I attempt to answer below, is whether any of the two new temples next in line (Kinshasa DR Congo or Fortaleza Brazil) or any of the first three temples undergoing renovation (Frankfurt Germany, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, and Memphis Tennessee) might have a rededication prior to the already-scheduled dedication of the Rome Italy Temple. I will not be surprised whether that does or does not occur.

Mid-February: Frankfurt Germany Temple Rededication
Note: While this has yet-to-be confirmed, it would make sense if this temple was rededicated at this time. And, since the Church has periodically assigned senior members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to preside at such events, the First Presidency may opt to ask Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a native German who has presided at previous dedications and rededications as a member of the First Presidency from 2008-2018, to preside at this event in his homeland.
Sunday March 10-Sunday March 17: Rome Italy Temple Dedication (162nd operating temple; confirmed)
Note: While the Church officially announced that this temple’s dedication will be held over an 8-day period (one of the longest, if not the very longest, in recent years), the exact number of dedicatory sessions that will be held has not yet been made public. I am assuming that the Church could potentially have 3-6 per day, with one every 2-3 hours, but time will tell. Since the dedicatory sessions will be held for longer than a week, it would make sense if the Church rotates attendance among several different Church leaders, which will likely include all members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve.
Mid-April: Fortaleza Brazil Temple Dedication (163rd operating temple)
Note: Some elements of this temple’s status (as of April 26, 2018) are similar, if not identical, to some elements of the three temples scheduled for dedication before April 2019, so I have no qualms about suggesting that we could see the dedication for this temple within the next year, and that it will likely occur prior to the dedication of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple, which, by comparison, has progressed slightly less consistently.
Mid-to-late April: Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple Rededication
Note: This temple has progressed very consistently, making it likely that a rededication could occur within the year or so between now and then. If anything occurs to delay that process, an adjustment would need to be made.
Mid-May: Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple Dedication (164th operating temple)
Note: Although this temple is currently anticipated to be the next one that will have a dedication scheduled, as I noted above, the Fortaleza Brazil Temple has comparatively progressed more consistently. For that reason, it feels to me like it will be at least a year from now before its dedication. Depending on what happens within the next 6-12 months, it is possible that this estimate could change. For now, I stand by it.
Late May-early June: Memphis Tennessee Temple Rededication
Note: Although this temple was the first one to close for renovation in 2017, it has progressed slightly behind the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple. With that in mind, it seems reasonable to estimate that it could have a rededication at around this time. If something happens to change my mind on that, I will be more than happy to alter it.
Mid-June: Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple Dedication (165th operating temple)
Note: The Port-au-Prince temple, which is going to be on the smaller side, is only anticipated to take 15-18 months for construction. Based on that, it seems more than likely that it will be dedicated before the annual July recess for the General Authorities. If anything occurs to change my feelings on this estimate, I will revise it.
Mid-August: Raleigh North Carolina Temple Rededication
Note: This temple’s renovation will only likely be completed by this time if it continues its’ current rate of progress. If anything delays that process for any reason, an adjustment to that estimate will likely be necessary.
Early-to-mid September: Lisbon Portugal Temple Dedication (166th operating temple)
Note: Since I last posted these estimates, this temple has made some encouraging progress, which leads me to believe that moving my estimate for its’ completion up is warranted. Depending on what happens within the next year, any adjustments will be made as they are needed.
Mid-to-late September: Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple Rededication
Note: This temple, which closed for renovation on January 28, 2018, has not had much progress reported since that time. It therefore feels wise to be more conservative in my estimate for its’ future rededication.
Mid-to-late October: Durban South Africa Temple Dedication (167th operating temple)
Note: This temple will only be dedicated at around this time if its’ construction progresses at a steady rate. Depending on whether or not that occurs, this estimate may need to be pushed back further, if not completely readjusted.
Mid-November: Oakland California Temple Rededication
Note: Although this temple is comparatively older than many currently undergoing renovation, about 1.5 weeks after its’ closure went into effect, the renovation process had begun. With that in mind, and because US temples (whether new or undergoing renovation) generally are completed more speedily than their international counterparts, it seems safe to assume that this temple will be reopening before the end of 2019, as anticipated. But if anything delays that renovation process, the completion estimate could change.
Mid-December: Asuncion Paraguay Temple Rededication
Note: This temple, which closed on October 2, 2017, has not seen its’ renovation process formally begin, although nearly 5 months have passed since that time. Although I hope for the best for this temple, depending on whether or not the Church can resolve the issues that may be hindering this process, then either this temple’s rededication will be the last event in 2019, or one of the first in 2020. 

Final note on 2019: As with 2018, I have heard that 2019 could potentially be another big year for temple groundbreakings. If that proves to be the case, there will be other temple-related events to add to this list for subsequent years. A lot could change within the next year that will also change the likely prospects for temple groundbreakings in 2019. Closer to the time, I may venture some thoughts for temples likely to have a groundbreaking during 2019.                       

Mid-March: Arequipa Peru Temple Dedication (168th operating temple)
Note: This temple had originally been estimated to have its’ dedication occur in 2019, but new information indicates that it will likely happen in 2020, and that it may be the first new temple dedicated during that year. If anything happens to change that, its’ future dedication might either be delayed or pushed up.
Mid-to-late April: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Dedication (169th operating temple)
Note: The main reason this temple’s completion estimate was pushed back to early 2020 is because many sources available to me noted that it is going to be bigger than originally believed. With that in mind, it is not hard to believe that a dedication could (and likely will) occur for this temple at around this time, before winter season hits the southern hemisphere.
Mid-May: Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Dedication (170th operating temple)
Note: This estimate will only prove accurate if construction gets underway on this temple by the end of the first half of 2018, and also if this temple’s slight redesign does not alter the 20-month estimate which was originally given for that process. Depending on what does or does not happen in the next couple of months, an alteration of this estimate may be necessary.
Early-to-mid June: Tokyo Japan Temple Rededication
Note: This temple closed for renovation as October 2017 began. Since it is a smaller albeit older temple, this estimate seems to be reasonable. If anything happens to hinder that renovation process, then that would necessitate an adjustment to that estimate.
Mid-September: Mesa Arizona Temple Rededication
Note: This temple is older, but has been renovated previously, so the renovation process will likely be completed at around this time. If anything happens to delay that process, this estimate would need to be subsequently adjusted as a result.
Mid-December: Washington DC Temple Rededication
Note: This temple has, as of today (April 27, 2018), been closed for almost two months, but has not had any progress reported on that process as of yet. When we add to that the fact that this is an older temple having its’ first renovation, mid-December is a very conservative estimate. If anything delays that process, I would not be surprised to see this temple’s completion pushed back into 2021.

Mid-to-late April: Hamilton New Zealand Temple Rededication
Note: This temple’s July 2018 renovation closure was the first temple announcement of President Nelson’s prophetic administration. If, as is widely believed, that process involves an expansion of any kind for this temple, depending on how quickly or slowly progress is made, this estimate may need to be adjusted.               

Final Note: As noted above, if several temples have a groundbreaking in 2018 and the years that follow, their completion estimates will need to be added to the list above. I continue to monitor all temple-related developments and will pass news of them along as I become aware of them.