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Thursday, April 23, 2020

BREAKING TEMPLE NEWS: Site Location and Preliminary Details Confirmed for the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Hello again, everyone! Right after publishing my most recent comment in the threads of the previous post, something prompted me to refresh my browser on the Newsroom website. When I did, I came across a brand new breaking news development. The First Presidency has confirmed the location and preliminary details for the Bentonville Arkansas Temple. It will be built on an 8.8 acre site at 1101 McCollum Road. In addition to retaining the on-site meetinghouse, the site will feature a single-story temple of roughly 25,000 square feet. Project leaders in the coming months will work with city leaders through the approvals process. And it would not shock me at all if a groundbreaking for this temple could take place before the end of this year, which seems more likely than not. The temple, originally announced in October 2019, becomes the fourth of the eight announced during that General Conference, to have preliminary details officially confirmed.

As anticipated, President Nelson is not letting the proverbial moss grow under his feet, and is taking serious action on the backlog queue of announced temples. I continue to monitor all such developments and will be sure to pass word of those along to you all as I become aware of such things.

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