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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another touching story from the Church News: Prayer, "guardian angel", protect a woman during airport shooting

In another touching story from the Church News, an LDS member from Fort Lauderdale related the account of how she was protected during the shooting at the Florida airport by prayer and the intervention of a "guardian angel" she said was sent there to save her life. Click here to read that remarkable story. Perhaps the most interesting part of this account is the fact that the woman's "guardian angel" doesn't view himself as a hero and says instead that he hopes he would have done the same thing for anyone else. But "hero" is a very appropriate designation for this remarkable man that sees himself as anything but. I loved reading about this, and it was my distinct honor to share it with you now. Thanks for your continued readership and support.

Another former General Authority Lost: Elder Lynn A. Sorensen Passes Away

Though I just found out about this a little while ago, I couldn't waste any time in reporting on it. The Church lost another great giant of the kingdom six days ago. Elder Lynn A. Sorensen, who served as a General Authority from 1987-1992, passed away on January 4. Called as a General Authority at the age of 67, he reached the age of 97 by the time of his death.This article details his service and stands as a tribute to his life. Funeral services will be held tomorrow. Click here to review his one conference talk, a masterful and inspirational address. It is a crazy time we live in, where so many of our leaders, current and former, are being called home. The Lord must need them. I hope this post, short though it is, serves as an adequate tribute to the life of a most remarkable man. Thanks for reading this. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.