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Monday, March 4, 2019

BREAKING TEMPLE NEWS: Open House & Dedication Dates Announced for Lisbon Portugal Temple

Hello again, everyone! As some of you saw in the comment threads of another post on this blog, the open house and dedication dates have been announced for the Lisbon Portugal Temple. Public open house tours will be held from Saturday August 17 to Saturday August 31, except for the Sundays of August 18 and 25. A youth devotional will be held on Saturday September 14, and the temple will be dedicated in 3 sessions on Sunday September 15. More details on this can be found in the official release from the Church's Newsroom website.

So that temple dedication will be held two weeks after the dedication of the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple. And I am grateful that the Lord justified my feeling that the Lisbon Portugal Temple will indeed be dedicated before a dedication occurs for the Durban South Africa Temple. In the coming weeks, I anticipate the announcement of the rededication information for the Raleigh North Carolina Temple, and perhaps an announcement of groundbreaking dates being set for one or more temples within the next couple of months. I will keep my eyes open for any such information, and will be sure to pass word of such developments along to you all as I receive it.

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