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Thursday, March 14, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Church (and World) Invited to Celebrate President Nelson's 95th Birthday

Hello again, everyone! The Church's Newsroom shared this report earlier today noting that members of the Church (and friends of other faiths) worldwide are being invited to a celebration which will be held in honor of President Nelson's 95th birthday this year. 5-year milestone celebrations have traditionally been held for presidents of the Church for a while now. President Hinckley had a 90th birthday celebration, and also a 95th, and President Monson had one in honor of his 85th birthday in 2012.

This celebration will be historically significant for another reason, as this is the first time in Church history that the first major milestone birthday celebrated by a Church President since his ordination will be a 95th birthday. We have seen the first such celebrations for other Church Presidents occur at the 80th, 85th, or 90th, but never the 95th as that first birthday. I hope the wording of that last sentence makes sense to you all.

As has been somewhat traditional as well, the celebration will be held on Friday September 6, before President Nelson's actual birthday (which he will observe the following Monday). The special guests and other particulars and details about the celebration will be announced as those arrangements are made. And the news release in question features a quote from President Nelson's right-hand man, President Oaks.

I had thought that the Church would be having such a celebration for President Nelson in this milestone year, and it is wonderful to have that confirmed. I will be sure to do my level best to bring you all word of any additional details I hear on this, as well as any and all Church news and temple developments, ASAP after I receive word of such things.

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