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Monday, January 23, 2017

Latest Apostolic Age Averages

Hello, all. This will be a post to let you know the latest on the average ages of our apostles. As I have noted before, not all that much has changed in terms of the statistics associated with the tenure length of President Russell M. Nelson or his rank among the other nonagenarian apostles, where President Monson stands among the other 15 Church Presidents in terms of age and tenure length (though it is significant that he is nearing his 9-year mark as our current prophet), and where the other apostles are in terms of being close to nonagenarian status and also in terms of who is closest to the average ages of the three apostolic groups. That being said, tomorrow Elder D. Todd Christofferson will celebrate his 72nd birthday. It is exciting to see such milestones happen.

That said, let's throw out some numbers. As of yesterday (Sunday January 22), the average of the the members of the First Presidency reached 83.09 years. As an interesting side note, the current First Presidency will have been organized for 9 years on February 3, making it very possible that, barring anything unforeseen, and especially in light of the fact that President Monson's health may be improving, they could, if nothing changes for the next year, tie the record for the longest period in Church history without a change. That record was previously set by President Hinckley's presidency that included him, President Monson, and President Faust. So it could very well happen.

With that noted, all that's left is to report on the other two numbers. The average age of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles reached 74.64 years, while the average of the 15 apostles overall came to 76.33 years.

Any comments continue to be welcome and appreciated on things I post about here. I hope that some of you might find this information useful. If these updates at any point become too tiresome, please let me know. I am just hoping that this information means as much to some of my readers as it does to me. Thanks for continuing to indulge my ramblings, such as they are.